Rinati Labs, A Division of Rinati Skin


We develop and manufacture premium quality biobased products

Skin Care

Made with plant stem cell extracts and cultures, our products support hydration and detoxification, while fighting the effects of aging and inflammation, resulting in impeccable appearance.

Hair Care

Our proprietary blend of biobased plant stem cell factors and plant extracts nourishes the hair and scalp and supports the healthy growth of strong and lustrous hair in both men and woman

Over The Counter

Our topicals are made using proprietary plant based ingredients and provide rapid relief from pain and itch

Personal Care

We offer a variety of personal care products including a sanitizing moisturiser and supplemen

Pet Care

We are developing a line of pet care products made of natural plant based ingredients. We recently launched our proprietary dog supplements that help rejuvenate the body on a cellular level.


Our scientists are developing proprietary ingredients made of specific plant stem cells in fine suspension and stem cultures. These ingredients are available in bulk in addition to being incorporated into our formulations.