Rinat Newman’s Bio

Rinat Newman

Chief Visionary Officer and Co-Founder

Rinat Newman is the Chief Vision Officer and cofounder of Rinati Skin, a cosmetics and bio-pharmacology research and manufacturing company. She is responsible for Strategy, Sales and Marketing. Since the company’s inception, Ms. Newman has focused on creating an infrastructure of scientific research that resulted in the development of cutting edge plant stem cell technology. Her current focus is to expand Rinati Skin’s slate of products and develop new distribution channels for existing products.

Before co-founding Rinati Skin in 2009, Ms. Newman’s work was focused on public service. For the first 8 years of her career she was a military officer, where she served as Bureau Chief of the Israeli National Defence University.

Ms. Newman then studied Law at Sha’arei Mishpat College in Israel and received her LL.B (Bachelor of Laws degree) with honors. After interning for a District Judge, she became an attorney working in public service for the City of Tel Aviv dealing with real estate development projects. She was then recruited by the Israeli diplomatic service to be an executive in the Israeli Consulate in Los Angeles where she served for 3 years and was responsible for legal affairs and community relations.

In addition to her professional responsibilities, Ms. Newman is a mother of 4 children, a passionate volunteer and a philanthropist. She is currently serving as Vice-chair of Wizo LA responsible for fundraising and events, and as President of the PTA at Maimonides Academy in Los Angeles.

Based on the values she learned from her upbringing and her professional mentors, Ms. Newman believes that her lifelong duty is to make this world a better place. As a mother, an executive, and a social activist, she practices the values of kindness, integrity, social awareness, and accountability both in her professional interactions and in her personal life.